We took the fight to McDonald’s

Respect us. Protect us. Pay us. Fight for $15 and a Union. Respetanos. Protegenos. Paganos. May 21, 2021: Highlights from a big week.

Last week showed our movement is too powerful to be silenced. We showed up across the country and across the Internet to tell McDonald’s that their poverty wages and inhumane working conditions are unacceptable. There’s more pressure on the company than ever before, and our demands are clear.

No matter where McDonald’s turns, they’re going to hear our message loud and clear: pay ALL your workers $15/hr NOW.

Workers Strike Nationwide for $15 and a Union

Images of workers striking in Illinois, Michigan, California, Texas, North Carolina, Missouri, Florida, Wisconsin, and New York

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Sanders in the Fight!

Gif of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez saying "You should actually raise your wages to $15 an hour for every McDonald's worker in this country minimum." Sen. Sanders saying "If they can pay their CEO 10 million dollars, you know what they can do? They can pay their workers a living wage."

Demands Made to McDonald’s Shareholders

News headlines. USA Today: McDonald's employees, activists walk out to demand wage increases around the US. Essence: McDonald's Workers on Strike Today for Higher Wages Across 15 Cities. Fox Business: McDonald's workers strike as 'Fight for $15' continues.

Worker Power Podcast Launched!Cover of Worker Power podcast with a picture of Terrence Wise speaking at a podium.

#McDonaldsStrike Trends Across the Country

Tweet from Elizabeth Warren, US Senator for Massachusetts: "I stand in solidarity with fast food workers across the country who are striking today to demand that @McDonalds pay a $15 minimum wage and respect union rights. The Senate must #RaiseTheWage, but McDonald’s shouldn’t wait." Tweet from W. Kamau Bell, HBO Max & CNN Television Host: "As everyone is talking about & supporting the #McDonaldsStrike, we should all know by now that the #FightFor15 is the least our country could do to support workers." Tweet from Susan Sarandon, Actress & Activist: "McDonald’s workers are on strike. Don’t cross the picket lines!!!"

Artists, Musicians, Creatives Spread Our Message

                        4 images. Drawing by @liberaljane of three McDonald's workers with a banner reading "our labor is worth more than poverty wages". Drawing by @ariadesole of a woman wearing a shirt that says "working people deserve living wages". Drawing by @chemaskandal of two people with their fists raised with a banner that says "fight for 15". Photo of @brunothedrummer,@ashlinparker, @johnmichaelbradford, @colescottrubin, and Keith Roberts wearing Fight for $15 shirts and carrying instruments.

Top left by @liberaljane; top right by @ariadelsole; bottom left by @chemaskandal; bottom right: @brunothedrummer@ashlinparker@johnmichaelbradford@colescottrubin, and Keith Roberts.

Sign on to demand McDonald’s pay ALL its workers $15/hr >>