We won a seat at the table! AB257 is now law in California.

We made history!

AB257 is now the law of the land in California. After hundreds of strikes and marches across the state, we’re now one step closer to having a voice on the job, better pay, and workplace protections.

For too long, corporations and CEOs have had all the power. They chose what they’d pay us and what complaints they’d ignore with little to no input from us. Now, we’re rewriting the rules here in California.

Corporations will no longer be able to ignore the voices of the workers that make them their profits. Fast-food employers will have to meet with us and agree to our terms: better pay, better benefits, and safe working conditions.

We’re celebrating this win for now, but we won’t stop fighting until this becomes a model for the whole country of what justice for workers really looks like. Share our victory>>