4 BIG reasons why we’re marching on McDonald’s

We want to let you in on 4 BIG reasons why we #FightFor15 – and why on May 23, we’re taking that fight straight to McDonald’s doorstep with the March on McDonald’s.


  1. Because 4 years ago, McDonald’s themselves ADMITTED that people need $15 an hour (and a magical, impossible budget) to make ends meet:

  3. Because, in a private phone call, McDonald’s revealed their sick business model: push people to live off of public assistance instead of paying enough to survive:

  5. Because McDonald’s employees face rampant, disgusting, completely-unacceptable sexual harassment on the job – every single day:
  6. Because, even after all of this, we still make too little to pay our rent and feed our kids.

Help the fight. Share THIS right now to make the world see exactly why we’re marching on McDonald’s.

Thank you for speaking up and standing strong for the #FightFor15.
P.S. Will you be in Chicago on May 23? RSVP to join the March on McDonald’s in person!