Workers Rights Are Trans and Queer Rights

A Starbucks Workers United graphic reading 'Workers Rights are Trans and Queer Rights'

This Pride Month, Starbucks will “look the part”. They will claim to be “progressive” and “pro-LGBTQ+”, but Starbucks workers know the truth. They’ve seen firsthand how Starbucks has silenced trans and queer workers just for speaking out about their working conditions. Workers will not be intimidated – join us in telling Starbucks to stop silencing queer workers >>

Starbucks acts like they have workers’ backs, but they are waging a war against workers who are fighting for basic dignity and respect on the job – things like safe workplaces, gender affirming healthcare, protections against discrimination or harassment, a livable wage, and respect for their right to unionize.

No one should be denied their voice or rights because of their gender or their sexual orientation. In honor of Pride Month, let’s demand that all workers – straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer – are respected and protected! Raising a rainbow flag in solidarity isn’t enough. We need to raise our collective voice to show LGBTQ+ workers that we hear them, we see them, and we celebrate them!

Stand in solidarity with trans and queer Starbucks workers by signing this petition!