Fast-food workers slept over at the CA Capitol to demand AB257.

On August 16, fast-food workers slept outside the California State Capitol to demand AB257.

We’re demanding this bill because it builds worker power. AB257 will give fast-food workers a seat at the table to fight for fair pay and safe workplaces. We’ll be able to hold these corporations accountable for their failures, like dangerous working conditions, sexual harassment, wage theft, and more.

If we can win here in California, we can show the whole country what real justice for fast-food workers can look like. That’s why we rolled out the sleeping bags and stayed overnight at the Capitol: to make our demands impossible to ignore.

California is home to more than half a million fast-food workers. AB257 will ensure workers are protected against giant corporations who see us as disposable. It’s time for fast-food workers to get the dignity we deserve. Share in solidarity with fast-food workers >>