Why We Strike

As low wage workers we know what it’s like to struggle to get by.

Because our pay is too low, we struggle to pay our bills and put food on the table. McDonald’s answer? Go on food stamps.

We’re robbed on the job by our employers looking to cut corners. Employers that are multi-billion dollar corporations.

Even though we work hard, we’re forced to live in poverty.

On top of it all, even McDonald’s knows it takes $15 to get by.

It’s not right. That’s why we strike.

And it’s working. We’ve taken the fight to more than 190 cities in 33 countries and 6 continents. Seattle and San Francisco already passed laws raising wages to $15 an hour – and cities from New York to LA are pushing for higher wages too. There’s work to do before every worker gets $15 an hour and a union – but together, I know that we will win.

Read about our most recent day of action on 11/10/15, which The New York Times said makes clear why elected leaders ignore us “at their own electoral peril.” Then like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay tuned for what’s next.