First-ever Nationwide #FightFor15 Canvass


This election is about us – the 64 million people who simply are paid too little to live. It’s why we never stop fighting. Look at the map. It shows how many people make less than $15 in each state. In many states, like the key swing state of Florida, over HALF of all workers… Read more →

Rampant Sexual Harassment in Fast-food Restaurants


Four in ten women working in fast food restaurants deal with sexual harassment on the job. Hear their own (graphic and disturbing) words: This has to stop. WE have to stop it. Start by sharing this video far and wide. The more people see it, the more chance we have to stop it. SHARE NOW… Read more →

Fight for $15 protests outside first presidential debate


Today, we’re taking the Fight for $15’s message to the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Thousands of workers will march on Hofstra University — the site of the debate — where we’ll make sure that the candidates get it: if they want our vote, they had better come get it by… Read more →

We hear too many stories like Myrna’s


Last week, #FightFor15 leader and former McDonald’s worker Myrna De los Santos died. She didn’t have to. Myrna couldn’t afford health insurance because of the low pay she got working at McDonald’s and because the state of Missouri didn’t expand Medicaid. Sign the petition to say we won’t accept another tragedy. Stand with Myrna. Myrna… Read more →

We won’t wait another 400 years


This weekend we showed the world how we #FightFor15 at our first-ever convention and march on Richmond. We came from across the nation: We came from every walk of life in America. From home care workers to fast-food cooks, child care workers to airport baggage handlers, university faculty and thousands more. We marched on the… Read more →

The Fight for $15: Proud and United in Richmond


What a historic weekend. The march is winding down, but this movement is just getting started. Today and yesterday, thousands and thousands of  workers came together to talk about what type of world they want to live in, and supported each other in planning for how they’ll make that vision a reality. We met and… Read more →