Huge Fight for $15 protest at the McDonald’s shareholder meeting

McDonald’s cooks and cashiers are staging the largest-ever protest to hit the shareholder meeting — they’re telling anyone who’ll listen: $15/hour and union rights nationwide are long overdue. McDonald’s profits keep growing while their workers struggle — so 10,000 workers with the Fight for $15 are making it clear to McDonald’s leaders: the time is… Read more →

Life is near impossible when you make minimum wage

It’s almost impossible to eke out a decent living when you’re paid $7.25 an hour. Bills. Food. Rent. Costs add up immediately. This series of pieces from NPR does a great job showing just how hard it is get by for the 64 million Americans making less than $15 an hour. “It’s not living, it’s… Read more →

Study: Minimum wage critics “cried wolf”

Opponents of raising the minimum wage love to crow about how raising the pay for working Americans would cost the economy jobs. Surprise, surprise — another new study shows that they’re just plain wrong. “The fact that jobs usually go up, not down, after a minimum wage increase reveals how predictions that raises will cost… Read more →

North Carolina #FightFor15 Workers Rally to Stop Discrimination

Repeal HB2

Last month, in a special one-day session, the Republican government in NC rammed through a bill to block cities from protecting LGBT people from discrimination. And in the 11th hour, they directly attacked the Fight for $15 by tacking on a rule to stop individual cities from raising minimum wages for hardworking North Carolinians. On… Read more →

Workers to flood the streets, Fight for $15 on April 14

Tens of thousands of workers are preparing to make this Thursday, April 14th the biggest Fight for $15 strike day of all time. Actions and strikes will kick off in hundreds cities across the world, as workers unite to claim what they deserve — $15 an hour and union rights. We all know that McJobs… Read more →

MASSIVE: Thousands of Pennsylvania workers win $15

After major Fight For $15 victories in California and New York, we have more great news. Workers at Pennsylvania’s largest private employer (UPMC), along with thousands of nursing home workers at 42 facilities across Pennsylvania won $15 an hour wages. These are historic breakthroughs that will lift thousands of Pennsylvania workers out of poverty. Together,… Read more →

MORE WINS: New York Workers Win $15

Days after 6.5 million Californians and thousands of hospital workers in Pennsylvania won $15/hr, millions of workers in New York—where the Fight for $15 began— joined the $15/hr club Thursday, capping a HISTORIC week in which more than 10 million janitors, fast-food cashiers, and home care workers secured unprecedented raises from coast to coast. “California!… Read more →

April 14: Our Biggest-Ever Global Strikes and Protests

Days after millions of workers in California and thousands in Pennsylvania won historic pay increases to $15/hr and amidst ongoing negotiations for $15/hr for millions more in New York, the unstoppable momentum for $15 and union rights continued to build as underpaid workers across the globe said they would wage the biggest-ever day of strikes… Read more →